Podcast ‘Design Is Not Art’

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(www.beyondusers.com article/podcast)

Marc Hemeon has a truly impressive CV. He has lead design at YouTube, Google Ventures, Oakley, Digg, Design Inc, Fflick and lately Ease Central. He has been designing since 1996 and is a true veteran in the design community.

In this episode we spoke about:

the distinction between art and design,
how ugly design can beat beautiful design,
how to explain the value of your work to non-designers by finding the metrics they care about.

Click here to listen : #4 Marc Hemeon: Design is not art

Show notes:

2:10 How did Marc get into design in 1996?
4:50 How to sell design services?
10:20 How to show the value of your work by finding the metrics that organisation cares for
16:30 How Marc presents his designs to get buy-in from stakeholders
21:30 Asking for information and feedback from stakeholders?
25:30 Finding the balance between user goals and business goals (defining your design ethics)
29:40 Examples of balancing user and business goals
36:05 Marc’s biggest design mistake (aka YouTube player disaster)
39:00 Design Inc’s story (and what clients want from designers)
42:40 “Career exercise” that each designer has to do
50:00 Why Design Inc did not succeed
56:00 Marc explains why “design is not art”
1:02:30 Success = 80% Sell, 20% Design
1:08:35 What advice would Marc give to young designers?
1:12:20 What is one thing about design Marc has changed his mind about?

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